September 28, 2022

Salvete Omnes!

Jameson here again! Your SCJCL officers are super excited to announce the dates for our Fall Classics Day. This event will be hosted by the University of South Carolina on November 12, 2022! We are super excited to see all of you there!

For all of you tech savvy people out there, SCJCL has an Instagram! Please go follow @southcarolinajcl to get the latest updates from the SCJCL Board. We will be announcing the State Banner Contest details soon!

Finally, the Back to School: SCJCL Torch is now available online! Please take some time to read about all about the 2022 NJCL Convention, what to look forward to at the Fall Classics Day, and get to know your officers. A special shout out goes to Abbey, the SCJCL Editor, and Ben, the SCJCL Junior Editor!

Sadly amici, that is all I have for now, and I promise I will update you all soon!

Valete Omnes!


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