About Us

The South Carolina Junior Classical League is a chapter of the National Junior Classical League, an organization that strives to promote the education and celebration of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome. The SCJCL holds fora in the fall and spring where students have an opportunity to meet other Classics students from the state of South Carolina and compete for prizes in competitions ranging from the arts to academics. 

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Contact Us:

President: scjclprez@gmail.com

First VP: scjcl1stvp@gmail.com

Second VP: scjclvp2@gmail.com

Parliamentarian: scjclparliamentarian@gmail.com

Historian: 2022scjclhistorian@gmail.com

Editor: scarolinajcleditor@gmail.com

Junior Editor: scjcljedit@gmail.com

SCJCL’s State Chair is Mrs. Catherine Corbin!

reach out to ccorbin@dorchester2.k12.sc.us
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