Welcome to the SCJCL Blog!

Salvete Omnes!

My name is Jameson Sheehy, and I am your Second Vice President! The SCJCL Board is excited to announce the beginning of the SCJCL’s website blog, and soon after the creation of the official SCJCL Instagram account. We are super excited to connect with y’all more as we explore the Classics together.

As for an SCJCL Board Update, we are excited to announce that we will be posting a Back to School Torch SC with some information about me and my fellow board members. Make sure to thank our lovely editor Abbey and our Junior Editor Ben for making all of this happen!

And now for the exciting news! At our upcoming Fall Workshop, we will be hosting a few new competitions for everyone to enjoy. For photographers and people who love apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, we will be holding our Impromptu Photo Contest, which only requires you to submit a photo of you and your friends having fun while at the Fall Workshop. For the artist out there, we will be holding a State Banner Design Competition so we can update our State Banner design for the Spring Forum and the National Convention. Finally, we have all of our normal workshops for everyone to enjoy, along with some new ones as well.

We all wish you a good start to your school year, and we hope to see you at the Fall Workshop!

Valete Omnes!


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